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Measuring pet crates

Crate Size

Choosing the Pawfect Crate: Your Guide to IATA-Compliant Pet Travel with Across The Pond Pets

Your furry friend deserves a comfy, safe flight! To ensure their ultimate travel experience, choose a crate that meets IATA regulations and their perfect size. Measure your pet's length (A) from nose to tail, add half their elbow-to-elbow distance (B), and voila! You've got the minimum recommended crate length. For height, 2-3 inches above their head is ideal. Snub-nosed breeds? They need extra wiggle room, so opt for a crate one size larger. Click here for more on crate guidelines, watch our videos on measuring your furry pal, and crate preparation tips!


NOTE: All measurements are to be taken while the dog is standing tall. Measurements do not include hair.
A. Lenght from nose to rump
B. Height from floor to point of elbo
C. Width at the widest point of the body - flesh, not hair
D. Height from floor to top of head
E. Additional measurement required to tip of ears for erect-eared dogs
Must have 10cm space above the top of head/ears.
Brachycephalic breeds must have one size larger crate than needed.
Double check your measurements by measuring twice.

Crate Measurements for Travel
Travel Crate Chest Measurement for Travel

Incorrect small crate size:

Pet Crate Measurements for Travel

Correct crate size:

IATA Travel Crate Pet Measurements for Travel

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