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Crate Guidelines

Crate Your Purrfect Journey: Essential Guidelines for Your Pet's First-Class Flight

Pet Crate

Planning a sky-high adventure with your furry friend? Let's ensure their in-flight experience is paws-itively perfect!

1. Spacious Suite

Your pet deserves room to unwind. See our crate measuring guide to select a crate that allows them to:

  • Stand up comfortably
  • Turn around easily
  • Snooze with at least 3 inches of headspace

No cramped cabins here!

2. Fortress of Furtitude

Opt for a sturdy, leak-proof crate with the following features:

  • Non-collapsible, hard materials
  • Four-sided ventilation
  • Metal mesh doors with secure locking pins (no top door loaders!)

3. Home Sweet Crate

Create a cozy space:

  • Line the bottom with absorbent bedding and a familiar blanket or towel.
  • We'll mount food and water dishes (two) inside (frozen water bowls are welcome travel companions!).

4. Pawsome Packing List

  • Leash Luggage: We can attach leashes and collars to the crate for security, but double-check regulations. Keep valuables with you.
  • Kibble Courier: One clear ziplock of kibble can hitch a ride on the crate, but feed light and remember no more than half-meal rule on flight day!
  • Medications & More: Prescription bottles only, no rubber or metal toys, bones, rawhides, or electronic gadgets. Feeling antsy? Let's discuss natural calming options.

Bonus Tip

Tuck in a familiar scent with a blanket or toy for extra comfort.

Remember: Our dedicated crew is here to guide you every step of the way. With these guidelines and our expertise, your pet's sky-high journey will be smooth sailing (or soaring?). See also more crate preparation tips. Now get packing - those first-class paw-ssports await!

Incorrect small crate size:

Pet Crate Measurements for Travel

Correct crate size:

IATA Travel Crate Pet Measurements for Travel

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