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Your pet's travel container is their seat on the aircraft. All containers should be safe, and comfortable, and provide plenty of airflow.  Crate selection is the most important part of planning your pet's journey. Please take the time to review the guidelines and ensure proper selection.

Crate Guidelines for Pet Travel

Pets will fly with no collars or harnesses on their body. We can attach leashes and collars to crates but we can not guarantee that security personnel will allow them to remain. Please do not send any items of value for us to attach to the crate. We do not recommend sending any additional pet records that could confuse border inspections. We will attach only the needed documents for export.

We can provide absorbent material for the crate but if you have a favorite blanket or something that smells like home we can include it.

One clear ziplock of kibble that we can attach to the crate, Morning of flight please only feed up to half of the normal feeding.

Any medications must be in an original prescription bottle. No rubber or metal toys, no bones or rawhides, no electronic devices or other items on the crate or in the crate.

Any form of sedation is not allowed. If you feel your pet needs calming for a flight we recommend looking at natural non-sedative type products such as Adaptil Calming spray that we can spray in the crate.



Side and Rear Ventilation Required
No plastic wing nuts -these must be metal wing nuts
Nuts on top

Photo of pet standing in front of crate required.
Measurements of pet - see measure guide.
Note Clearance above, behind and in front.

PetMate Sky #100 21"Lx16"Wx15"H Not allowed for international travel
PetMate Sky #200 28"Lx20.5"Wx21.5"H  
PetMate Sky #300 32"Lx22.5"Wx24"H  
PetMate Sky #400 36"Lx25"Wx27"H  
PetMate Sky #500 40"Lx27"Wx30"H https://www.dryfur.tv/contact-about-us/
PP90 AKA #600 52"Lx32"Wx32.5"H This crate has no metal sides but is approved
PetMate Sky #700 48"Lx32"Wx35"H  
#700 Extender adds 3" height https://www.dryfur.tv/contact-about-us/

Additonal Notes:

Two bowls attached to the inside crate door, one for water and one for food. Rabbits and other small mammals may have an outside water bottle.
British Air/Emirates/Aer Lingus/KLM Mesh Requirements:
Cats are to have mesh attached to the outside of the crate over all openings.
Dog Crates are to mesh if any opening is over 1".
Rabbits and Ferrets must have mesh overall all openings- all airlines.


Metal mesh is now required.
We recommend metal Garden Fencing *Dogs 1" Cats 3/4"


NOTE: All measurements are to be taken while the dog is standing tall. Measurements do not include hair.
A. Lenght from nose to rump
B. Height from floor to point of elbo
C. Width at the widest point of the body - flesh, not hair
D. Height from floor to top of head
E. Additional measurement required to tip of ears for erect-eared dogs
Must have 10cm space above the top of head/ears.
Brachycephalic breeds must have one size larger crate than needed.
Double check your measurements by measuring twice.

We understand these regulations may seem overwhelming, please reach out with any questions.

Please take these guidelines very seriously - For your pet's safety and well-being during travel both your agent and the airline will strictly enforce these regulations.

Any pet in a carrier not meeting guidelines will most definitely be rejected for flight.

Custom 3" Height extension kit

PP90 with 5" Height extension kit

All container requirements are set forth in the Live Animal Regulations (LAR) which are updated/modified frequently.
Each Airline also has variations and additional regulations in addition to the LAR.
For more info please visit: https://www.iata.org/en/programs/cargo/live-animals/

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